Website Traffic: What Is It?? Simplifying Web Traffic
Website traffic data is important in its use to measure how an online audience is gained.

Are you one of those people that continues to see the word website traffic, but don't know what it is? Well, after reading this, you will have a better understanding of web traffic. The goal of this blog is to make the concept of website traffic as easy as possible, simplifying website traffic, into easy to understand terms.

Website traffic occurs when someone visits a website. This is commonly referred to as a 'hit.' When someone goes thru various pages of a website, this is referred to as a 'session.' The collecting and measuring of this data makes up website traffic.

So, what is this data used for?

Website traffic is used to measure how an online audience is gained. Without an audience it is difficult to do anything online, especially sell products and/or services. This data also measures: how long users stay on a page (bounce rate), a page's conversion rate, and even customer acquisition costs. Starting to make sense?

Website traffic is important, and one of the top keys to building a successful online presence, business, and website. However, it is not the most important aspect to measure online success, like it was once thought to be when ecommerce first started taking off. Now, keyword targeted information, geographic information and mobile optimization are all more important.

Today, it all roles together, and is all important. In fact, today, most people forget about website traffic. Some don't even know what website traffic is or how to increase and measure it. Don't be that person that leaves off this important role when building an audience.

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