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The ONLY Provider Combining THESE 4 TOP TIER Lead Generation Resources...PERIOD

Since 2020; we have engaged & assisted hundreds of service business owners as well as product business owners both on & off Facebook. This includes thousands of pieces of lead development data/"LIVE" leads generated, 100 + million successful branding ad placements, & over $10,000,000 in B2B/B2C/B2G/EDU/MED contract bid value passed on to service business owners across the globe. 25 years of digital data research and recovery experience & resources afford us the consideration of being PROs in  lead generation, development of lead generation systems, & branding experts. Our expertise is in multiple areas as follow and each link clicks to open a new window covering details:  

>>> Locate/Compile B2B/B2C Direct Contact Data [ INFO ]

>>> B2B|B2G|EDU|MED|Registration Data [ INFO ]

>>> Direct Lead Search & Locate [ INFO ]

>>> RAPID Brand Deployment [ INFO ]


Plain & Simple...We act as your DEDICATED Lead Data Agent to deliver Training or Services depending on your needs or desired time and $$ investment level. We have 2 versions of our offer consisting of the best 4 types of leads and lead development data available and are best suited for business owners with some level of desired involvement in their lead generation process.

They Are  - Lead Development Training or Lead Development Data w/in 24 Hours:

  Both offer a unique blend of "LIVE" lead, contract development, and brand exposure opportunity data . Outside our core packages; our top 4 services above are available INDIVIDUALLY, in bulk, or upgraded as a full service offer.

A] Our BASIC TRAINING OFFER is for businesses who just need the BEST of training assistance  & have interest in learning HOW WE DO IT and desire to 100% generate their own leads. This is an INTENSIVE DIY Training either solo or group as available & scheduled WITHIN 24 hours from payment as outlined below. $19.95 BASE COURSE

B] Our ADVANCED INDIVIDUAL SERVICE OFFER is for business owners who need  ongoing, FULL SERVICE lead development. Your leads/lead development data/branding deployment is delivered as a mix of any/all formats as we deem beneficial for your business. You get 24 hours of our best lead development results after a full 24 hours of lead generation where we use all our resources to drive results. Delivery w/in 24 hours from payment as outlined below. $29.95 BASE per 24 hours

3 Steps From the Time You Visit Our Site to When the 24 Hour Delivery Time Begins:

>>> You visit our website and once you determine you have interest in trying one of our  services OR if you need further info.. >>CONTACT US HERE<<

>>> We contact you for an assessment to review your business, determine a custom program, & discuss price resulting in a formal email/text agreement

>>> You return the accepted terms  & complete payment. You are now 24 hours away from delivery as agreed. Because we work on our personal digital projects overnite; we are online performing tasks across our network and can initiate projects at any time to complete orders for clients....FRESH, Single Client, Human Generated Results.

  Partner Resources for Lead Data  

The following is a list of several of the platforms we own and utilize to drive leads we deliver to our clients. It gives a feel for the wide scope of top tier resources engaged for your campaign. You may be interested in opportunities to utilize some of these individually as needed.

>>> Our Main Site @ BreslinNET.com Provides Info

>>> Our Service Pro Directory @ ServiceProLinks.com

>>> Private Access Lead Gen Platform @ E5Project.online

>>> Our NEWLY ADDED  network @ DigitalAdvertising.network

>>> Facebook Portfolio Capacity of 1+ Million Member Reach

>>> Did you know; We have created over 7 hours of basic audio content on business growth and customer acquisition strategy subjects which we offer FREE??  >>ACCESS HERE<<


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