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A Small Investment Provides You Lead Development Resources & Improves Life for Someone Else [ INFO ]

The ONLY Provider Combining 4 TOP TIER Lead Generation Resources in 1 Solution...PERIOD

WELCOME.....My name is Chris Breslin & since 2020; we have engaged & assisted hundreds of service business owners as well as product business owners both on & off Facebook. This includes thousands of pieces of lead development data/"LIVE" leads generated, 100 + million successful branding ad placements, & over $10,000,000 in B2B/B2C/B2G/EDU/MED contract bid value passed on to service business owners across the globe.

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 WHAT & HOW?? 

We have operated in the digital space for over 25 years & we are bringing you the BEST of our lead generation knowledge in simple 1-1 training, Q&A session, & 24 hours of unlimited trial access to the lead building data for your state. 

Listed below are our 4 TOP TIER Lead Generation Training Topics & Services Available as FULL Service Stand-alone Purchases. Links Open Info Window:

>>> Locate/Compile B2B/B2C Direct Contact Data [ INFO ]

>>> B2B|B2G|EDU|MED|Registration Data [ INFO ]

>>> Direct Lead Search & Locate [ INFO ]

>>> RAPID Brand Deployment [ INFO ]

NOW Available as DIRECT TRAINING SESSIONS....You Learn What We Know!!!


Get 24 Hours of Access to Our Premium Lead & Contract Development Data for Your State

  There are 2 DIRECT offers from this site and outside those offers; you may inquire for purchase of any of the listed resources in bulk and may INQUIRE FOR INFO. The 2 DIRECT offers are listed below with info as outlined for each:

>>> TRAINING + 24 HOUR STATE LEAD RESOURCE ACCESS - This training will be scheduled as a 1-1 phone conversation for US based customers and contain the topics indicated above @ minimum, followed by a brief Q&A, & access granted to the respective PREMIUM state lead/contract development data page for a 24 hour period after which the normal PAID access fee applies. Additional training topics are available at  which normal PAID fee applies. >>> $10 USD One-Time<<<


>>> FULL ACCESS 24/7 TO 1 PREMIUM LEAD & CONTRACT DEVELOPMENT PAGE - You choose the state and you are granted access to all upgraded info for as long as your subscription remains active. New resources will be added to the pages and may include:  lead generation contact data,contract opportunities, contract registration and research data, employment opportunities, live leads, subcontract opportunities, etc.  There is NO TRAINING with this subscription - Data access ONLY. Payment is available monthly,quarterly, or annually. >>> $5 USD/MO. <<<

Getting Started is Plain & Simple...

>>> You Determine What Service(s) You Are Interested in Securing

>>> Your payment applies towards OPERATIONS & PROJECTS and we count as your investment in same. You will access secure Paypal page HERE to contribute via Paypal, Credit, or Debit.

>>> Once You Have Paid |   >>>CONTACT US HERE<<<


  Projects Your $$$ Helps Support  

The following is info on several of the ways we use the funds generated as the results of Training and Resource access from this page. Our priority is to remain true to the principles of free & low-cost resources we started our parent business with over 25 years ago. Being a full scale digital provider; there is overhead in sites and resources to be online and serve clients as well as to do so with our goal in mind. Portions of the $$$ are applied to operational costs as well as enables other business owners to benefit from our services regardless of financial ability.

The balance applies to various projects w/some examples listed below:

>>> 2005 HURRICANE KATRINA DISASTER Communication Support - LA,MS,FL

>>> 2000 - Present U.S. MISSING PERSONS Digital Communications

>>> 2022 - 2024 U.S. BASED SMALL BUSINESS DIGITAL Awareness Grants

>>> 2023 AFRICAN COMMUNITY MISSION Awareness Campaign

>>> 2023 - 2024 PAKISTAN HUMANITARIAN Campaign 1 & 2

>>> 2024 (ONGOING) U.S. VETERANS Awareness Campaign

>>> 2024 (ONGOING) IRAQI Education Campaign



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