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REAL Direct Web Traffic is the easiest way to get IMMEDIATE visitors for your site, product, or project - Quanity Engagement... FAST!!!

WHAT is Direct Web Traffic? - In a nutshell it is advertising that uses already placed resources across the web and functions by the internet/online backbone with the capability to insert any desired page for the purpose of promotion. The entire concept is driven by the key part of this backbone in the form of advertising networks consisting of groups of websites and web utilities (Apps, Software, Search Utilities, API Driven Notifications, etc.) that are generating millions and millions of daily visits from viewers. This inventory is often made available for purchase thru cooperative buying groups whose members control inserted content as needed.

HOW Does Direct Web Traffic Work? - We have all at some point seen a case where we are browsing the web and end up viewing an advertisement that just appeared on the screen or a 2nd window popped up or slid into view. There are dozens of formats that exist and are all driven by code placed in the websites, apps, software of owners engaged in the networks and allowing the advertising on their site/resource for compensation. Then in turn the available inventory is sold thru buyers coops where it is bought and supply matched to demand according to types of advertising needed and sorted by such possible targets as language, location, category, ad type, etc. These ads are generally controlled thru online software programs called ad servers that control the flow of the ads across hundred or thousands of websites/apps/utilities to tens of thousands of clients and ALL serving up millions and billions of ads across the internet daily.

That being said; we have developed hundreds of available web traffic types in over 20 years as both an ad network owner, network partner , and advertising cooperative buyer BUT we only intend to actively promote a single solution in the form of:

State/Region Targeted MOBILE Device Web Traffic - NEWLY offered going into 2023;This is an aggressive mixed advertising format that delivers either graphic, text, or full page notification exposure direct on a viewers mobile device. The format depends on device type functionality and these brand ads are targeted by state or region depending on best client solution. We control share in large quantities of mobile device targeted web traffic at huge bulk buy discounts allowing us to pass the savings on to customers. And since 70+% of all internet users are on a mobile device; this is our most successful and valuable offering at a cost lower than most platform ads.

WHY should I as a client use Direct Web Traffic? - SIMPLE!!!! The best site, product, or promotion in the world is worthless if no one is seeing it. The sooner they see it - the sooner they have a chance to engage in the form of contact or purchase. And on...and on...and...

Bottom line is that exposure = engagement and it doesnt matter whether you are talking about visitors as humans or visitors as online utilities testing your site for search engine inclusion & ranking. We use direct web traffic as a key strategy in our Branding & Ranking Program because it fills 2 key needs for online success:

1) REAL, targeted people viewing your online presence for potential engagement

2) As search & social spiders visit your site for potential inclusion; they gauge the web traffic on your site and conclude your site to be authoritative in relation to subject matter due to traffic volume thus increasing potential for quicker inclusion and better rank position. The web traffic is only 1 aspect and needs to be correctly applied to a complete ranking plan but will certainly enhance it.

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