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BreslinNET Media | NW Arkansas Based Information & Marketing Consultant.

Our specialty is providing low cost information & marketing services for business startup & growth.


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Our services are based on extensive experience in related fields and all supported by 30+ years of customer service & support. Our thinking is that success of a service is not just in the service itself but in the delivery or "experience" of the service. We strive to make that  just as much a priority thru the process of providing ANY of our services and the #1 method = COMMUNICATION.


Our services are divided into 2 main categories: INFORMATION & RESEARCH and INTERNET MARKETING. The ABOUT US section has history of experience in these fields with a little more in depth related to scope. As both of these are broad service areas; we feel it beneficial to just list a wide variety of potential applications of our services and allow potential customers to contact us to discuss expanded custom applications or even multiple applications. We can customize standalone , mixed, or even a Virtual Assistant type scenario encompassing multiple services on an hourly rate.


This is a wide arena of service and could encompass many areas such as: Business Name & Reputation Data, Competitor Data, Market Research, Business Resource Research, Pre-Employment/Background Data, Lead Generation Research, Location Specific Research & Information, Terms & Conditions Custom Creation, SOP/Employee Policy Custom Creation, Blog/Article Content Custom Creation, Proofreading, Custom Research & More...


Branding & Marketing are 2 areas we have been involved in for almost 25 years.We have sold products, promoted projects, introduced concepts on global scale, participated in affiliate/joint venture projects, and more... We are familiar with promoting a brand online using free and low cost options as well as resources you may not be familiar with. We are acquainted with online and offline solutions from direct contact cold call to B2B solutions and lead generation.  Potential services could include compilation and direct outreach to generated leads for possible appointments.  All services in the branding and marketing area are best customized beginning with a short call to discuss need and options. Custom brand audits available. FULL Scale Web Traffic Agency for IMMEDIATE visitor exposure


Whether marketing your promotion to social media or marketing your social media across the web...we have a solution for growing your exposure - FAST. Our SOCIAL MEDIA specialty rests in several social media platforms - Primarily: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, StumbledUpon. Our SEARCH ENGINE specialty rests in driving exposure outside the platforms of several search engines including Google, Bing, & Yahoo. Driving bulk exposure from these search directories can greatly enhance an SEO project.

We DO NOT offer Facebook or Google paid advertising as we really have no value for them in our service offerings and many other providers exist who specialize in same. We do offer custom application using our research strengths to assist in self generation of brand exposure via Facebook groups. We offer full service posting across network we generate or can generate and provide assistance to generate your own. Custom audits of Facebook business page and custom content services available.


  This is a resource we have been using for 20 years and is very similar to resources we use to drive search and social exposure across the web. As a part of a large network cooperative of resources; we have the ability to plug your site/promotion into a network of websites, search utilities,social utilities for guaranteed viewing and FAST, IMMEDIATE exposure on a targeted or untargeted schedule. With our owned and cooperative resources in the website traffic industry; we can generate almost any quantity of any type for any solution. Our primary solution going into 2023 is our MOBILE NOTIFICATION TRAFFIC with regional and state targeting. Read more about  DIRECT WEB TRAFFIC Solutions HERE


While we do not offer a complete search engine optimization program; we do offer an intensive lite version to give new sites an initial boost. We can assist with Google Business Profile exposure and engagement optimization as well as consult on issues. SEO DIY program generation options available. Custom solutions including SEO related keyword research available.


This service allows for a mix of solutions when a standalone service is not warranted but rather access to an individual representing any or all variety of listed abilities - for only the needed period - who can multitask while all being under the umbrella of a fixed rate. CONTACT FOR DETAILS


We have lived in NW Arkansas for almost 40 years now during which time we have engaged multiple opportunities both online and real world. Many have overlapped affording us a broad base of knowledge and experience whereby we are qualified for both professional and technical related services. A summary is as follows:

30+ Years Customer Service. Direct/Phone/Contact Center

25 Years Internet Marketing

20 Years Info/Data Recovery - Financial/Credit Investigations

15 Years Credit Underwriting/Loss Prevention & Risk Mitigation Management

15 Years Sales

12 Years Exterior Service Business Owner/Operator

10 Years Lawn/Landscape Maintenance/Nursery Operations

10 Years Collection/Recovery Management

5 Years Inventory Control/Purchasing Management

5 Years Audit/Compliance/SOP Management

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